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Round tents

In this category you will find authentic round tents for the next LARP.

Practical tents for the right ambience

Whether for a private trip, live role-playing or medieval festival, only with the authentic dwelling does the right ambience emerge. In this category you will find practical and true to the original tents for your passion.

Durable round tents with impregnation

In this category we offer you a selection of practical and authentic tents. We attach great importance to quality in materials and manufacturing. Our tents are made of high quality materials and elaborately processed. The tarpaulins are impregnated in an immersion bath and thus protected against decay, moisture and fungal attack in the long term. With the right care, you will receive a practical companion that you can rely on for a long time.

Discover round tents for every occasion

Choose between different variations of the round tent in this category. Whether for private excursions or for big events, here you are guaranteed to find something. We offer various tents for two to six people, in which you and your friends as well as your luggage can be accommodated comfortably. Whether small tents for a quick construction or round tents for Roman, Western or Ritter LARP, with us you will find the right tent for every occasion.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help

In the clearly arranged category, you can easily find the round tent that suits you and your event. We are happy to assist you with questions with words and deeds. Just call us or write an e-mail. We're happy to help.

With a round tent from this category you can stay authentic and comfortable.