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A-tents and wedge tents offer you a good start to the Middle Ages and are suitable for LARP newbies!

Simple tent shape, as already used by the Romans

A and wedge tents are already to be found on pictures of Roman army camps. They are extremely practical because of their simple form and can be used for different purposes. We offer you a selection of different models in this category that are ideal for entry into the Middle Ages and the world of live action role plays.

Beginner tents at low prices

Wedge tents come with no added extras and are good value for money. The classic shape and the extremely resistant material make the special of the A-tents. So if you like it simple, one of these tents is the best choice.

Use the A-Tents as a sleeping or storage place

We offer you in our shop different versions of the individual A-tents. For example, you can find tents for one and two people who can serve as sleeping places. Wedge tents are often used as a storage tent for kitchen utensils. In any case, it is advisable to use a ground cover to be prepared for wetness, cold and unpleasant insects.

Impregnated cotton protects against water and mold

The fabric of the wedge tents is made of high quality cotton, which has been impregnated to protect against rain and mold. Stable cut seams provide excellent support, so that the A-tents can withstand even heavier loads. In addition, to prevent the tent from entering, the fabric was washed several times before processing.

Choose one of our A-tents and look forward to an authentic insight into the life of the Middle Ages!

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