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Poles and Iron parts

Everything that is necessary for a stable tent is here - find poles, iron parts and other accessories.

Safety and stability with our accessories

So that your tent is able to cope with a variety of weather conditions and withstand even the most demanding conditions, a stable construction is essential. Matching poles for different types of tents and useful iron parts can be found in this category. Exact dimensions of each part are given in the product details.

Iron parts and poles for a stable tent

Be it roundwood poles, construction timber, center masts or end pieces and connecting sleeves - so that you can lay the tarpaulin over a secure construct of poles and iron parts, these should perfectly mesh and give your tent the necessary stability. The individual products are available in different versions, so that they can be used in the construction of all tent types. The bars and iron parts are perfect for small and large tents.

Find accessories in different versions

A great advantage of the products is that they can be combined with each other and are available in different versions. We offer sleeves for example for standing poles, construction timber and roof beams. Corner pieces, end pieces and tips for uprights are also available. We offer you tent poles or wooden centre poles in different lengths, so that you can stretch your tent optimally.

Many pole packages for different tents

Our pole packs are complete packages in which we have put together side poles, center poles, connecting sleeves and pikes for different types of tent. For A-tents, knight tents, Viking tents and many more rods are available in the finished set.

Find suitable poles, iron parts and other accessories and propose a safe and stable bearing!